Dear Citizens of South Whitehall Township:

Over the past 3 1/2 years, I have served as your Commissioner for South Whitehall Township, and I wish to thank you for all of your faith and confidence in my abilities. My term is soon coming to its end on December 31st, 2015.  I am again asking for your support to re-elect me for another 4 year term.  I feel we have progressed greatly during my 4 year term but I feel we can accomplish so much more if I am re-elected.  I am committed to working hard to ensure that South Whitehall Township continues to move in the right direction.

As a lifelong resident of South Whitehall Township and the Lehigh Valley, along with being a business owner within the Township, I will continue to represent individuals, families, and business owners regarding the need to require financial accountability as it relates to Township budgeting and spending.   I am the senior managing partner of Block & Aldinger CPA’s (click here for my business biography) located in South Whitehall Township.  With over 34 years of experience as a Certified Public Accountant and a specialty in forensic accounting, I believe that my re-election to the Board of Commissioners for another 4 year term will further assure you that our Township has proper representation in matters that directly affect you financially.  The need to necessitate financial accountability relating to budgets and Township spending are essential to maintaining a balanced budget and are the direct responsibility of the Board of Commissioners. My extensive experience in finance as well as my specialty in forensic accounting will play a crucial role in these and other matters.

During my current term, I have implemented procedures and controls that further assure the citizens of South Whitehall Township that our Capital Reserve Fund remains intact.  Toward that end, we have set aside in a separate bank account $2.7 million dollars in a  fiscal responsibility capital reserve fund that is restricted and cannot be touched or impaired without a commissioner vote.    Given the financial debacles that many municipalities have encountered, I felt strongly that such a procedure needed to be implemented.  This is the first time that any such formal “restricted” reserve has been established but further assures the citizens of South Whitehall Township that their monies are carefully being watched by the commissioners in office.

I also own Keystone Security and Electronics Co., Inc., a company that installs residential and commercial burglar and fire alarm systems.  Keystone Security, which is also located in South Whitehall Township, is on the cutting edge of new technology enabling me to be one of the first to gain the knowledge and understanding of the best crime prevention and crime deterrents available today.   As such, I have worked with our South Whitehall  Township police and fire departments in achieving the best security and fire protection for both residents and commercial businesses.  I am familiar with all aspects of this business, which affords me first hand knowledge that directly relates to the health, safety and welfare of all citizens of South Whitehall Township.

I am committed to our community, senior citizens, and those in need to continue to enhance the quality of services in our township.  My previous experience as well as my current involvement with the Township as a Commissioner establishes my credibility for re-election to serve the citizens of South Whitehall Township.

On November 3rd, please vote to re-elect Glenn Block for South Whitehall Township Commissioner.  I promise to continue serving you in your best interests.  Thank you.


Glenn Block

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